Infect us with Fake news.

via Daily Prompt: Infect

Another word that makes my mind go towards negative thinking. Today’s digital word is filled with lots of negatives that any normal word is making my mind think wrong.

At the core, the meaning of Infect is affecting with something that maybe good or bad say “I infected her with my positive thoughts” is a harmless sentence but we have used this word for other reasons for so long time that we have essentially changed the meaning of it.


The first thought that I had was “infecting the world with fake news”. This is a serious problem cause a normal person sees the entire world through news and when it goes wrong he gets a wrong perception of the world. Wrong press and fake news has the power to change the world that we dare dream. Even the cash rich tech giants are struggling with this problem and I do not see an permanent solution to this problem with our current resources.

This is just my thoughts.


Feeling obsolete.

Normally I enjoy my summer leave but this time is different cause it’s my last summer holidays and after that, I am in my final year of education. I am feeling that I should do something really useful that will help shape up my future.

I searched for a lot of things on the net and came up with nothing that interests me. This time is really confusing and scary. I must do something that I love and be happy with it. I am just not capable of deciding this maybe I am not matured enough. All of my friends are doing something whether they like it or not and it totally scares me cause I am literally doing nothing about my future. All my life I just let things happen and If I let life happen this time mostly I will get screwed.

Every day I waste doing nothing feels like a time bomb ticking to explode. This feeling is new and different for me. I just wish that I figure out my life and do something about it. But a more scary thing is I have a backup, that is my family business which I don’t like. Why I am saying it’s scarier is, easily I could fall back to it. I want to be determined to do something that I like but this backup plan could make me lazy.

Just one more year left in my college life and I have lots of responsibilities to shoulder on.  Taking a decision now is going to affect my whole life. I could stall making this decision right now and make it later when I am matured enough but I don’t have that luxury cause I would be in family business at that time.

This is just killing me.

I am sure most of you guys went through this and I could really use some help words. Just reply me guys so that I do not fell obsolete.


Assisted suicide.

Today a man is going to take his life. This is against the rules in all countries except swiss. Read more about it here.Assisted suicide.

why don’t we have the right to take our own life? Should this be changed?

whats your take on this, post your thoughts.

its raining and there is no power.


[some may not understand my situation and some may have lived in my situation]

The time is now 11:02 pm and the weather is heavy rain with a thunderstorm. I normally like rain but the problem is now there is no power in my house and there is no indication that it’ll come soon.

Everything in my home went to power saving mode. Normally there’d be three a/c running at this time and number of lights, fans will be on but now there are only three fans and few bulbs are on. I am typing this post on my laptop with 44% charge left, I have to use it efficiently.

I am worrying about UPS which will go off anytime soon and my home will fully be in dark. I don’t like that, I hate full dark at night without any ventilation in my home.

[hearing thunder]

It gives me a little comfort in writing this post. People have survived condition worse than mine and I am lamenting about this. I got to think about the people who have no shelter or home even animals which live on the road. How will they survive this condition? Life is really difficult for some and for some they’ll find difficult in anything. I am the latter.

The time is now 11:22pm and the rain has slowed down a bit but still no current. Normally I will give no importance to electricity and I take it for granted but in this situation, I fully understand the importance of it. Only when you have a limited resource you’ll understand the importance of it.

I am starting to think that thunder hit some power station and power may never come. If that is the situation I’ll never sleep and  I may keep on writing.

[32% left on my laptop, hearing thunder again but the rain seemed to slow down a bit]

I stopped the fan in my room to save some more power on UPS but I can hear noise coming off UPS indicating its charge is less. My last resort is my phone which has around 50% left and I will read something in it until the power comes.

The pitch of the noise from the UPS is increasing, drumroll please ….. and UPS goes off[time is 11:38pm].

What shall I do?

I see nothing but complete darkness. I’ll stop writing now and publish it. I will update this post once current comes[the time is now 11:45pm].


Spoilers here.

I am going lunatic for past few days cause infinity war. I am a huge lover of movies and series. Its the only thing that I did most of my life, sit and watch movies. After watching the trailer of Infinity war I have been waiting to see this movie like something and I couldn’t watch it on the first-day cause of my stupid exams. I thought I’ll go next week to watch but the problem is Spoilers.

I really hate spoilers, hate more the people who spoil the story. Worst day in my life is knowing about the death of Jon snow on Twitter before watching it. But this time I am prepared and you’d be surprised to know what I did to avoid spoilers.

I am an avid user of twitter and I simply uninstalled. I don’t trust me, I will open twitter subconsciously and I will hate it afterward if I saw some spoilers. I didn’t use twitter for more than 36 hours that is simply astonishing if you know me.

The biggest struggle was to stop hearing about people talking about the movie in my college. While traveling in college bus, in the classroom most of my friends were talking about the movie and I was like trying to close my ears as thick as possible, babble some words, people were looking at me like crazy. It was weird for me to do this, other times I’ll say to my friends to stop talking or I’ll stop talking to them. I couldn’t believe me I was saying this but this is what Infinity war is doing to me.

It’s making me lunatic.

Hope I will recover from this lunacy after seeing the movie. My advice to everyone is don’t spoil anything.


Two problems in my hand.


I’m in a very confused state right now. Thinking what to do, the last post I talked about learning about ethical hacking. I got into a lot of troubles in setting up the environment for learning hacking but my determined mind is now trying every possible way to solve it.

Why I wanted to learn about hacking in the first place was to impress and to do something useful in my summer leave. Now I have another job in my hand, my brother asked me to develop a website for his company. For a long time I wanted to develop a website but did not get the chance and now I said that I will develop a website. Its an easy process but there are some things that are difficult for me to understand like cpanel, hosting, server address and domain name as all the concept are new to me.

Right now I have two problems in my hand, problems setting up the environment for hacking and problem in learning about hosting website. This is a simple problem for most of the people but for me its something much more. I’m highly curious and obsess about understand and solve problems. If I am not able to solve a problem then I cannot be able to sleep, think about other stuff or literally do anything. This two problems in my hand are making my mind sick. I am writing this just to distract myself from those problems.

Another thing that is troubling me is which problem gets the j.jpghighest priority. I want to solve both things at the same time, but no one can really multitask. That’s another problem with me when I try to sole one problem the other problem comes to my mind and I try to solve both things at the same time. Then nothing gets solved.

Initially, I had nothing to do, I got myself into learning ethical hack then got another task and now both things are making my life really busy. I hate myself.

I can and must overcome those problems. Time to work.

Linux it is.

Screenshot (105)

I am a  windows user from birth and really had a difficult time understanding why people praised sing Linux over windows. You see, I thought that windows could do everything a Linux machine can and not vice versa.

Now I wanted to learn about hacking and impress everyone but the basic requirement is that I should learn to work with Linux environment. So what should I do??

Simple, there is a feature in Windows 10 called WSL(Windows Subsystem for Linux) which will run Linux environment on top Windows and currently there are 4 Linux distributions supporting this feature. I just downloaded Kali Linux and in the process of downloading a desktop environment for it.

I hope my path to hacking using Linux through windows works in a good way, I will be updating about my status in Hacking skills in this blog.