The Second time I wore veshti.

I was afraid to wear it or a bit ashamed, to be frank. After all, it was the traditional dress of my region, and everyone was proud to wear it, but it made me look silly.

Veshti is the farmer’s dress, the dress which has cultural values in it. People wear it on an auspicious occasion like when visiting a temple, marriage, and of course during Pongal celebrations.

It will be my last Pongal celebrations conducted by my college which I will be celebrating with my friends wearing veshti. Pongal, a festival by farmers thanking god for the year’s good harvest, and we college kids celebrate this day thinking we are holding traditional values by wearing veshti. I didn’t attend previous year celebrations just cause I was afraid to wear veshti, but I won’t let my fear stop my last Pongal celebrations with my friends.

The celebration day started 48 hours before when I was arguing with my mother about choosing the shirt to go with veshti. A bright shirt looks nice on white veshti which mostly I wore it to college already, but I finally decided on this orange/red shirt which might just be okay. I had some guts this year to wore veshti than ever cause I had already worn it. It was another auspicious day when I wore veshti at my brother’s wedding. It had given me some confidence to wear it in front of the entire college.

As I entered college this time with a lot of fear people started noticing me without any reaction. I was thinking, why are they not mocking me, or commenting me for being funny wearing veshti. It finally struck, I was not that much awful or silly than I thought. I felt comfy knowing people saw myself wearing veshti usual, and the day started to get a whole lot better, and I made sure I’ll write about it.

You know Parai? It is one of the oldest drum still used in southern India, it is made of animal skin. The sound from Parai will raise your endorphins, and your legs will start shaking without your knowledge. We had these parai and huge drums playing all morning. All the boys wearing veshti and girls in saree were dancing in front and with some staffs having no fear or sorrow. It was incredible, we finished our final Pongal celebration in a group photoshoot.

parai and drums

But my day was not over, I went to Rajini movie Petta that afternoon with some friends. And, I went to my home that evening still wearing veshti wanting not to let go of that day or veshti.

This was my Pongal celebration. My fear of veshti. My regret for not attending celebration the previous year. The Second time I wore veshti.


Ignorance and Management failure – The Challenger disaster.

The Challenger disaster is a sound example of management failure and human ignorance that happened on this day four decades ago.

The Challenger space shuttle was a star in the American space program as it had completed 24 missions in a row. That run of success created a ‘launch fever’ to get more missions going and on time. Little did they know that their following mission will shape the American space program permanently.
 On the ill-fated day of January 28th, the shuttle launched on a cold morning and merely 73 seconds after the liftoff the world was in total shock as they watched their beloved mission burst into flames. Seven crew member which included a teacher was dead and, the debris was spread all over the Atlantic.

Following the disaster, a commission was created to investigate and, the commission found that O-ring sealing joint failure led to the explosion. The O-ring sealed the rocket boosters and were made to expand due to overheating from the booster gas. The O-ring was stiff that morning because of extreme cold and, it could not expand which led to the gas leak and, in-turn the gas ruptured the fuel tank which led to the disaster.

Morton Thiokol, the company that manufactured the booster and O-ring warned NASA about the property of the ring under extreme weather and even asked NASA to postpone the launch because of the cold weather. At that time NASA was under pressure to launch the shuttle as they had already postponed the launch several times. So they neglected the warning and went on with the disastrous launch.

If the decision makers of the launch had listened clearly to the warning or if the management had not been under pressure to launch on time then this disaster would have been averted.

FUCK! I’m in love.

I saw her during one of the happiest nights in my life, and I didn’t even take a good look at her but, I didn’t know at that time that I will only be thinking about her soon. She knows me as well as I know her which is not too close to say, but I’d give anything to know her intimately.

When she is near me, I try to avoid seeing her cause of fear that I will become more fascinated with her. But I do take a peek when no one watches, and god, it makes me want to see her longer. I will forgive all the mistakes she has and will do in her life, I will do everything that I possibly can to make her happy but only in my dreams. I want to show her the happiness she makes me in my thought. I sincerely hope.

I am satisfied speaking to her, watching her, having laughs, spending time together in my dreams. This dream or thinking of mine is making me euphoric, and I will gladly stay in this dream if only life permits. I know she doesn’t think about me, she doesn’t want to know me, she doesn’t want to talk to me, and thinking about this reality is hurting me more than I can imagine. I thank God for making us dream, cause I only can be happy in those dreams of her.

I should stop having this feeling, a happy, persistent, powerful feeling. This feeling feeds on my thoughts. If I start to feel content of this feeling in my dream, then it’ll be so hard to recover from it.

If I see her again, I sure hope that will be the last because I know I will completely fall for her and, destroy my time, my life thinking about her which I am most certainly doing some significant part of my time.

What if I am already in love and, this will only get bigger whether I see her again or not?
FUCK! I am in love.

This New Year, make a change not a resolution.

Resolutions are meant to be broken, right. This formality keeps repeating itself every year and, you must stop it.

Make a small change, you think you can adhere to and, change the small change into a big one when you believe you have matured into the small change. Don’t wait for anything, you must improve yourself when you feel the time is right and, time is fleeting.

I have taken resolutions every year, followed it sincerely until I’ve not followed. I am tired and, quite frankly ashamed of this behavior. So, this new year should be a different one, I have decided that I will not wait for the midnight of this new year to start my change instead I will start it right now.

If you care about yourself and, want to change yourself for better, then do it right now by making a small change that you can be until it evolves into a big one.

Happy New Year folks Have a blast.

Stop the pity.

I have Genu valgum(knock knees), the condition that causes the knees to be bent inwards when standing straight. You can see this bone deformity in toddlers, but the bone will straighten up when they grow. But my condition is different, its caused due to the lack of vitamin D and I am not a toddler.

Today a person asked me whether I got my disability registration certificate. It was brutally painful cause when people see me, they see my deformity first and judge me. I have a bone deformity that can be corrected by a surgery which I am going to do in a few months but, it doesn’t mean that I am a disabled person. Living with a physical deformity is hard and, I can only imagine what people with disability must be going through in their life. I have great respect for them not because they are disabled but because they must endure the pain others cause when they pity them.

Yes, it causes a lot of pain when people pity me. Sometimes its more than the pain caused in my knee due to deformity. I can only hope that people will understand that what we expect from you is not pity but a normal conversation.

Digital Minimalism.

I think I am a minimalist, I dispose of every material that doesn’t any value to my life, although I do things that differ from the purposes of Minimalism. I am not here to talk about my contradictions with Minimalism but to give you the values of controlling your digital life with the help of Minimalism. So I am mostly sure that you are reading this article in your smartphone or you have one nearby the device you are reading this on.

I was a phone addict once I regularly check my phone for notifications news on Twitter videos on youtube etc. This is a new form of addictions that make our brain to check the blue light emitting screen to pump up endorphins. At the sound of a notification, our hand without the control of us goes for the phone and as the anticipation increases to see the information displayed on the screen we totally forget about the real world we live in and spend some significant time in the smartphone world. This is how we waste most of our time by consuming stuff rather than producing. This is prevalent in the younger generation and spreading to the older one as well.


You don’t notice this but I have noticed and I frequently went for my phone without no reason, it was as if it became a part of my body and I couldn’t live without touching it. The right word for this symptom is twitch. A muscle movement that you have no control over. This had become out of control for me as I wake up to my phone, use my phone more than talking to any human throughout the day, use it before night and keep it near my pillow within my reach. I was under the control of a non-living thing. I felt like I was being abused by my phone.

I know today everyone faces this illness. Yes, it’s an illness as good as addiction. So I tried applying the motto of Minimalism to my digital life. Minimalism at its core is removing all things that don’t bring any value to our lives and, I did this,

I started doing with removing all the applications in my phone doesn’t bring any value to my life, the apps I don’t spend any time were the first to go. This was easy to remove and, I am sure it’ll be easy for you too. Btw you’ll love your phone after this step as your phone will look clean and spacious.

Now to the big guns, For me, it was Twitter and Youtube. It was the most I spend my time with. I thought consuming videos and news keeps me up with the world. Yes, that was true but the news and information brought no meaning to my life no real changes that will productively improve my life. It was tough but, I deleted it at last. I installed those two again but, I talked with myself to have control over that. I have kept a screen time of 1hr/per day for Twitter and Youtube, turned off notifications and close the app if it doesn’t have any relevant information to me. I can say pretty confidently that I control Twitter and Youtube, it’s good to have time to read books and write articles like these.


My phone usage has been tremendously decreased now, a good by-product of this way is that you don’t have to recharge your phone frequently. All being said, it truly lies in you and your determination.

Hope you are aware that you spend your productive time wasting on your phone and that it can be channeled to make your life better.

Thanks for reading my article, comment your thoughts about it and pour out some love by liking it.

This Diwali should be different.

The first thing that comes to mind about Diwali is firecrackers it is part of our tradition to burst it and enjoy the light and sound.

But recently Indian government has made some strict rules to burst only during a particular period and, I think that it is a good initiative put forward by the government through many of my fellow Indians won’t agree with me.

Hey guys, our earth is not getting better. Life as earth is difficult with global warming, all types of pollution, etc and think what happens when the second most populated country with most of its people bursting cracker at the same time. It creates an immense amount of stress in our environment that’ll make life hard for some people and animals. I cannot imagine what life looks like in New Delhi the most polluted city on the planet during this Diwali season they’ll be happy with the government rule I assume. You know these rules won’t be followed and, if people didn’t start to consider our environment seriously, then New Delhi’s condition will be followed by other cities.

These are my arguments of why this Diwali should be different and if you are one of the people who loves bursting firecrackers then know that there is no fun comes by harming the place we live.

Make this Diwali safe and harmless.

Happy Diwali everyone.